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The development of ITC and the Internet in particular, has provided new opportunities for all types of network connections in any type of venture, both business and social in nature. People living and working on distant continents are today given an opportunity to come together to work on common projects generating far better results than those achievable were each partner to work on his or her own. For an interesting discussion of this issue see the latest book by Benkler, Y., The Wealth of Networks, Yale University Press, New Haven, 2006.

I am convinced that network relationships established among instructors may add to the multiplication of effects of the activities aimed at promoting entrepreneurship among academic students. This educational and advisory vortal was intended also as a platform for such collaboration.

What forms of collaboration will be executed in the first place? I am certain that specific initiatives and ideas will come up as we go. However, I would like to list the potential common goals we could focus on:

- Sharing knowledge and experience on teaching at different types of institutions with the use of this vortal as a tool in running courses. After logging in, members of the Instructors' Club will be able to share their experiences and opinions on an internal forum;
- The development of web sites assisting the teaching process is quite time-consuming, hence instructors who do not have the necessary expertise or time may take advantage of this vortal through configuring the teaching aids and adjusting then to the individual needs. In practice, this would mean that an instructor would submit a form available in the Submit a subject bookmark providing the following information:

        Personal details of the instructor and data of the academic institution
        Dates and venue of classes
        Individual objectives, methods, assessment criteria, etc.
        Subjects and the order they will be taught in.
Based on this data a subject will be assigned to the given instructor which will then be configured on the vortal and an individual web address to be communicated to students will be generated.

Instructors who would like to contribute to the development of this Program are offered a range of opportunities. At present what we lack is case studies with a realistic Poland-based context which would be of use to the teaching process. The elaboration of a single case study is time consuming and collaboration entailing sharing of case studies would provide instructors with a growing set of such type of teaching aids available to all.

Another benefit to all would be the creation of programs supplementing the basic textbook-based curriculum focusing on ventures from a given industry (e.g. IT, biotechnology, medical services, business in the arts, etc.). Such genuine programs could be made available on the vortal for other instructors to use.

I also believe that by working together we could obtain greater benefits in acquiring public means (EU funds in particular) for the support of dynamic, innovative entrepreneurship. What I have in mind is the funding of advance options of the program (see bookmark Programs and teaching methodology) which would provide subsidies for the best business ventures developed and implemented by program participants.