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Wykorzystanie potencjału internetu
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  1. This section will discuss the opportunities offered in the start-up and development of a new business by the Internet, the global network helping in the communication of individuals, enterprises and organizations at an unprecedented scale. “The Internet” is actually a mental shortcut, by which we mean the use of the revolutionary changes in information (both software- and hardware-related) and communication technologies (ICT) in business activity. These changes  established the technological and organizational base for the development of the Internet.

  2. The role and importance of the World-Wide Web seems surrounded by many myths and misunderstandings. When the Internet frenzy started in the mid-1990s, new firms, the so-called start-ups in this industry, were treated as a  revival of the stale capitalism. The breakdown which happened in 2000-2001 and the bankruptcy of the significant majority of the Internet start-ups (the so called dot.coms) sobered the economy up. It did not, however, change the perspective regarding the immense possibilities offered to new ventures through the Web.

  3. Not long ago, some 15-20 years back, the use of ICT was possible only in large enterprises. It was a result from their high costs and the fact that the applications available in the market were designed for large-scale operations. Presently the Internet can offer significant benefits to small firms taking their first steps in the market as well.

  4. At the preparation and start-up stage, the Internet can primarily be used as a tool facilitating:
    • the implementation of the knowledge-based development strategy of the venture;
    • spreading information on the firm among clients, or more generally - the business environment;
    • launching sales;
    • more efficient functioning of different areas of the firm, including internal communication;
    • supporting network relations with business partners

  5. Using the opportunities offered by the Internet in business is most often associatedwith electronic commerce (e-commerce). Notably, however, the possibilities of making various processes within an enterprise more efficient is just as important in the start-up and ongoing operations of a new business. In this comprehensive approach we can then discuss electronic business (e-business), i.e. exchange of information supporting various business processes which is done by electronic means, both within the organization and in contacts with external entities.

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