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EU Funding

As result of various initiatives realised withi the "Dynamic Entrepreneurship" Program we have collected a number of positive experiences in the area of utilising the methodology, tools, the "Dynamic Entrepreneurship" coursebook and the electronic platform (the portal) in delivering projects with the use of EU funding. The number of such projects continues to grow. It facilitates the exchange of experiences, good practices and joint actions. We would like to pormote the Academic Network of Entrepreneuship Educators in Poland (SEIPA) as a platform for such exchange.

The collected experiences are related mostly to the following projects:

  • The HUMAN CAPITAL operational program, action 6.2, Support and Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Self-employment, including training, consulting and financial support for individuals planning to start a business. In fact the "Dynamic Entrepreneurship" Program is based on the practical experience of its author gained in the realization of a similar program in 2006-2007 (Action 2.5 Promotion of Entrepreneurship of ZPORR - The Integrated Operational Program of Regional Development). The support offered to organizers and trainers incudes not only methodological aspects but also the promotion of the experiences and good practices mentioned above. Projects within Action 6.2 Human Capital Operational Program The support and Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Self-employment are considered to be difficult realizations of high risk, especially when comes to the rightful utilisation of financing, which can reach 50.000 PLN per applicant. In this respect the access to previous experience is especially valuable. In may 2009 a new large project within the Human Capital Operational Program is to be launched - "Warsaw, the Capital of Dynamic Business", which will utilise the experience and technological infrastructure of "Dynamic Entrepreneurship" program.

  • HUMAN CAPITAL Operational Program, action 8.2.1 Support for Cooperation Between Science and Business. In this case the program can be utilised by institutions of higher education, technological parks, entrepreneurship incubators and technology transfer centers in the delivery of training and consulting services for faculty of academic institutions and scientific institutions, PhD students and alumni planning to begin their own spin-off/spin-put kind of business. In this case experiences of realization of the INNOVATOR program initiated by the FOundation for Polish Science can prove useful. These courses for academic faculty and PhD students will prepare them to begin technologically advanced business activity.

  • HUMAN CAPITAL Operational Program, action 4.1.1 Enforcing of the academic potencial of an institution of higher education. Experiences are shared by lecturers of Innovative Entrepreneurship involved in the currently operating Academic Network of Entrepreneurship Educators in Poland. This includes both the methodology and the preparation of application for financing projects within the above mentioned action.



Thinking about the organizers of projects funded by the European Union, the Academic and Professional Publishing (Wydawnictwa Akademickie i Profesjonalne) prepared a special offer for purchase of the coursebook. The price per peice is 30PLN for orders of 30+ books including the cost of delivery in Poland. The interested organizations can place their orders using the order form or by contacting the Sales and Marketing of APP directly, tel. (+48 22) 213 27 04, e-mail: