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Network Coordinator
Prof. Jerzy Cieślik

Prof. Jerzy Cieślik graduated in 1971 from the Warsaw School of Economics (M.A. in Economics and International Business) and joined the academic staff of the School in the same year. In 1976 he obtained a PhD degree in economics (international economic relations) and habilitated in 1988.

In the years 1983-1989 Prof. Cieslik was involved in a number of consultancy and advisory projects, working both for companies in Poland as well as in a number of countries of Africa and Asia as an expert for international organizations within UN system (UNIDO, UN Centre on Transnational Corporations and World Tourism Organization). He assisted the government institutions in developing countries in making more efficient the process of technology transfer, strengthening their negotiating position vis-a-vis foreign investors and implementing specialized information systems, supporting decision-making processes.

In 1990 he suspended his academic career in order to build the Ernst & Young organization in Poland. In the years 1990 – 2003 he served as Board Member and from 1996 to 2000 as Managing Partner of Ernst & Young Poland. He was responsible for the consultancy practice in Ernst & Young Poland and later moved to tax and accounting service.

In 2004 Prof. JerzyCieślik  was appointed Professor and currently serves as Director of the Center of Entrepreneurship at Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland. He specializes in high-potential entrepreneurship (international, technology-based entrepreneurship).

Author of a leading textbook  in Polish" Przedsiębiorczość dlaambitnych. Jak uruchomić własny biznes (Ambitious Entrepreneurship. How to Start Your Own Business)", WAiP, 2006 and two monographs “Przedsiębiorczość, polityka, rozwój (Entrepreneurship, policy and development)”, SEDNO, 2014  and  Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies Enhancing its Contribution to Socio-Economic Development, Palgrave Macmillan/Springer (2017).

Prof. JerzyCieslik coordinates the Academic Network of Entrepreneurship Educators in Poland (SEIPA). The purpose of SEIPA's actions is to create a solid educational base, which will facilitate the implementation of numerous forms of support for ambitious, innovative  entrepreneurship within the academic community, particularly in the non-economic institutions.